Property Noida is proved to be lucrative in terms of business

Just a small piece of land can be the key to success of a business. Noida is witnessing such truth. New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) is celebrated as the most happening city of India which is situated basically situated in the Gautam Buddha Nagar of India. It becomes a hub that puts together a sampler of India’s most celebrated skyscrapers. Though Indians used to consider their property as the matter of pride even before a few years ago intended to get out of this notion today. A few notable real estate companies made them believe that the piece of land should be used properly as they can be lucrative in terms of earning money.

The real estate companies like Supertech, Gaur and Sons, Nirala, Patel Group, Arihant Group, Eros Group, Panchashee, Earth Group, Paramount Group chose Noida Property for executing their new idea because of the accessibility of this place. This place is extremely closer to Greater Noida, Gaziabad, New Delhi and Lucknow.  Therefore the companies planned to equip it with a great communication system facilitated with metro, road, and rail facilities. The inhabitants of Noida do not have to face any kind of trouble to move to the places like schools, collages, hospitals, shopping malls, temples and the other places. As Noida is a bit closer to the earth quake area it is equipped with a good communication the skyscrapers of this place is fully equipped with precautionary amenities to prevent such disasters.

The phenomenon of the variety makes the place more attractive. The clean and clear roads, the well furnished apartments, the beautifully manufactured shopping malls, health clubs, cinemas, changed the scenario of the city. The available yet affordable office places made this city more viable and more happening. Noida has come up with an innumerable job offers. A lot of multinational companies, medical institutions, IT sectors and even New Channels are stretching their arms in this particular place. Therefore people from different cities as well as from different countries are assembling here to grab the job opportunities. There is no doubt they are looking for a proper place to stay as they are getting over. This is the sole reason behind the growth of real estate business in Noida.

The Real Estate India companies already made their benchmarks in the worldwide business field. Therefore it has been a cake walk for them to convince the foreign people as well as the foreign banks to invest in the real estate business of India as they assured at least 75% profit to the investees.

Noida Extention is to be planned as a hub of skyscrapers in an inexpensive price. The real estate companies are trying to introduce all the top class facilities in an affordable price to pamper the middle class people. GNIDA affirmed their plans in order to transform Noida into a Royal City in an inexpensive rental price. This place is facilitated with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats that offer you the luxury and comfort at one sip. 

Real estate booms on city's outskirts

CHENNAI: The real estate sector is going through a dull phase with people hesitating to invest on apartments or land on the outskirts of the city, but some areas abutting the Outer Ring Road (ORR) have seen good appreciation in recent times. Property prices on ORR have seen more than 200% appreciation in the past three years, say realty consultants. An acre of land on ORR used to cost 75 lakh to 1 crore in 2010, when the road project was in its initial stages. It has more than tripled now. Even adjoining areas like Perungalathur, Mannivakkam, Padappai, Mudichur and Kundrathur have reaped the benefits of this world class road, the first phase of which connects Vandalur and Nazrethpet. This stretch is nearing completion at a cost of 1,081 crore. A contractor was recently selected to carry out work on the second phase at a cost of 985 crore. Real estate along the stretch may see further appreciation with the government announcing a 65-acre bus terminus between the GST Road and the ORR at Vandalur. A realtor at Mudichur said, "A lot of enquiries are coming from builders and investors in the Vandalur-Mudichur stretch after the government announced the bus stand project in April". The rate of appreciation on ORR has been highe than on Old Mahabalipuram Road, East Coast Road and the Bangalore highway, which have better social infrastructure, said Jayant Hemdev, business director of Hemdev's, a realty consultant. He said, "In the last three years, prices on the Maduravoyal Bypass appreciated by almost 100 %. But on the ORR, the appreciation was more than 200%. The high growth on the ORR can be attributed to a low base it started off with". Meanwhile, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, the owner of the ORR, has selected L&T Ramboll as consultant to advise it on how to utilise about 50 metres of buffer zone retained by the CMDA on the eastern side of the ORR. Though the CMDA had acquired a 122 metre-wide stretch for the 62 km long ORR, it handed over only a 72-metre wide stretch for the road. The CMDA had retained the buffer zone to provide space for wayside amenities, commercial establishments and, if needed, space for future expansion of the road, said an official. As of now, there is no social infrastructure on the ORR. The contract will be signed by the two entities on Tuesday. L&T is expected to complete the study in six months.

Delhi leads world in real estate price rise

India has witnessed the sharpest appreciation in real estate prices in the last couple of years, according to data from the Global Property Guide, an organization which collates real estate data from across the world.

Property prices in Delhi witnessed the steepest appreciation of roughly 60%, when compared to cities from 43 other countries, for which figures were available from that organization. Interestingly, while this data set has information only for Delhi in India, official data on Indian cities suggests that Jaipur has seen an ever faster rise in residential property prices of 67% over this period.

Delhi's 60% rise in property prices over the past two years is nearly 20 percentage points higher than Brazil's Sao Paulo, which is the second fastest rising international property market. From the first quarter of 2011 to Q1-2013, Sao Paulo, the largest city in the Americas in terms of population, witnessed a 43% increase in real estate prices.

Hong Kong, the third fastest rising market for the same period, saw its property prices going up by 33%. Dubai also appears to be in a recovery phase after the bust of its early 2000s property bubble. The city witnessed a 29% increase in its real estate prices in the last year. The West Asian city had witnessed a marginal decline in prices between Q1-2011 and Q1-2012.

In the past two years, for which comparable data is available, only 12 of the 43 countries saw double-digit growth in property prices. Most of these are emerging economies, not surprising given the fact that Europe has been battling the century's worst recession. Other countries where property prices went up by more than 10% are Turkey, Estonia, Philippines, Norway, Iceland, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The data indicates that property prices in America, the world's largest real estate market, are increasing as its economy recovers. The US real estate market saw prices appreciating by 9% between Q1-2012 and Q1-2013 after declining over the previous year. Similarly, Beijing's property prices too registered 8% growth during Q1-2012 to Q1-2013 after dropping in the previous year.

Other large economies which have witnessed a positive growth in property prices in the past two years are Germany and Japan, where real estate prices increased by 8% and 3% respectively. However, in Germany property prices fell by almost 2% over the last year after increasing by 9.8% between Q-1 2011 and Q1-2012.

The property market remains sluggish in other large economies. While France, UK and Russia saw stagnant real estate prices in the past two years, most other European countries are witnessing steep fall.

In Croatia, Netherlands and the PIGS countries prices have fallen by more than 10% during this period. The PIGS (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece - Southern Europe's most troubled economies) are witnessing the worst fall in property prices. Spain and Portugal witnessed a 15% decrease in property prices while in Greece they fell by 21%. Data was not available for Italy.

In India, nearly all cities have witnessed an upswing in property prices. RESIDEX, the National Housing Bank's property price index, indicates that only two of the country's 15 big cities have witnessed a fall in property prices since 2007- the base year of the index. (RESIDEX is also the source of Global Property Guide for Indian real estate data)

Except Hyderabad and Kochi which witnessed decrease in real estate prices the property market has appreciated across the country and many markets have witnessed growth, even better than Delhi.

Faridabad, Pune, Kochi, Bhopal, Mumbai and Chennai have witnessed higher rise in property prices when compared to Delhi. In the six years from 2007 to 2013 property prices have more than doubled in Delhi, Faridabad, Pune, Kochi, Bhopal and Mumbai while they have trebled in Chennai.